Difference in Receivables account?

I have a small difference… but still a difference, and cannot imagine how it would be generated…

why could that be?



My first guess would be Tax rounding.

Mmmmmmmmm, I dont have rounding enabled. And we dont have tax, we do use Service Charge…



It didn’t mean it literally that you have Tax & rounding enabled :smile:
Because you have a service charge that is % and also discounts, there may have been internal rounding by SambaPOS that has created the 0.60 difference. My guess would be discounts.
You could test in training mode, make a heap of sales and apply a discount to each and see if you get a similar result with receivables. If not it could be the service charge, but I think it’s discounts at the payment screen.

Send me a backup. I’ll check it.

This is my backup!!!


G.SAMBAPOS4_201404100709SQM.zip (1.3 MB)

@gerlandog for a reason Ticket #523 missing Service account transaction. Do you remember any issue with that ticket?

To solve it you can navigate to Accounts > Transactions search for 523, edit document and add missing Taxa de Serviço Transaction with amount 0.60

Let me know if something similar happens again.

OK… First, THANKS!!! that was really fast!!!, now…

How did you find this, and how did you find this so fast??? can I do that?
Is there any way to see the ticket that generated this transaction 523?

I am pretty sure that it was just one ticket line, CERVEJA SKOL, R$6, and 10% taxa de Serviço, R$0.60

THANKS!!! and again… you are fast… so fast that I got scared!!! jajajajajajajajjajjajajjajajajaj



I’ve noticed that while reviewing receivables accounts. Maybe years of debugging code made my eyes sensitive to such things.

523 is actually your ticket number so you can open ticket explorer, select Ticket Number and search for 523.

I found the ticket…

It was generated in the restaurant, (Terminal) But Taxa de Serviçois there…