Difference in Receivables

Dear @Emre, I am facing this missbehaviour again, and cannot find the problen nor the tickets involved to correct them.

Please could you help me out, the number is growing in a weekly basis…



SambaPOS4_201407162302SQA.zip (3.0 MB)

Are you using latest version?

Yes. I am using 4.1.40


tonight we had the same issue again…

and I did not cancel any payments, not that I recall…



@gerlandog I’m trying to find that for hours but whatever I’ve tried I couldn’t find a reason for that. So I need your help to identify the issue. The issue is still missing Taxo Servico transaction and It probably misses when something specific happens. We need to understand which operation causes this. The latest missing tickets on your backup are #2548 and #2549. Can you remember something specific about these tickets? Something you don’t do regularly.

Dear @emre, dont worry. We will figure this out. I can think in three possivle.causes now

  1. I have installed kitchenv2 feom john nit mot using it.
  2. Ticket 2549 jas a protiom tjat jaa bemn camceled amd them added a pizza manually
  3. Ticket 2548 has a pizza but no promotion

Maybe the problem occurs only duting weedays when the promotion is valid.

Hope this helps


One silly question. I displayed both tickets on screen and both have are correct. Taxa servico is calculayed and added correctly. Why did you point thoae ones as problematic?

It came to my attention that the difference is generated ony in weekdays. That is when the promotion rule executes



That issue is not related with tickets. Tickets are fine and that does not create issues with payments.

That problem is related with the corresponding account transaction that automatically generates with your ticket. Somehow taxo servico transaction gets removed from related account transaction document so that appears as a difference on receivables account.

Your previous issue was.

  1. Create a new ticket with taxo servico.
  2. Without closing it go to payment screen.
  3. Add a payment that is more than ticket amount so it displays change due.
  4. At that point cancel payments.
  5. Close payment screen.
  6. Pay ticket with exact payment.

That specific flow was removing taxo servico from account transaction document and I’ve fixed it on our previous conversation. I’ve also checked it again and it works fine.

If there is no promotion for #2548 this might not be related with promotion because that ticket also have same issue.

Ok. Great news. So promotion and tixkets are ok. But if I umderatood correctly semehow the accounting sysyem is loosing taxa de servico un some specific transactions…

Seems you narrowed it down a lot

What we should find out now is what kind of workflow are we doing in those cases… and that my friend is something i cannot remember… and since those differences only appear on week days I am almost sure that the problem would be related with the promotion…


Sorry. Its horrible to answer from a pocket phome.

I say that I am almost sure that the problem would ne promotion related because even thoe on ticket 2548 there is no promotion, the promotion rule was fired.


Dear @emre, sorry to bother you so much, but my guess that the problem would be promotion related is no longer valid… today we had a difference again, and today we have NOT the promotion working…

sorry that I cannot help further, maybe if you tell me where to look in the sql maybe another pair of eyes can help…



Can you send a backup of that again?

Yes sir I can.
Hope this helps

GSambaPOS4_201407200010SQA.zip (3.2 MB)

Can you remember something specific about tickets #2682 or #2684 ?

I think I found something. Can it be related with move command? Can you remember something related with move for these tickets?

I am on my phone now. So i cnnot check that. But i recall moving twp tables. One from table to balcony so the taxa dw servico should not be computed and the other from one table to another table.


OK that might be related with service action that works when table moved. I’ll be happy when you can check tickets let me know if one of these tickets was the one that you’ve moved. I hope you can remember that :slight_smile:

I can remember now that one of the moved tables was a takeout pizza, that meana that un the ticket you should see an it called EMBALAGEM. The other table that i recall moving is a table that should have a pizza called QUATRO QUEIJOS.
Maybe the problem is related to the rule QUITAR TAXA DE SERVICO. This rule is supposed to etase the 10% since that is only charged whrn you are sitting in a table.



I think I found the issue and fixed it. I’ll make some tests and hope to release an update soon.

Thank you very much for helping me on finding that :slight_smile:

Firsr of all. I did not help that much. Now thank you for making time and helping us out.

Would lile if pissible to know what the problem was. I am curious.

Please lete know if there is something else I can do.