Different departments, same table captain order issue

Hi Team,
I have four departments namely

  1. BAR
  2. ROOMS
    BAR and ROOMS have different entities/tables since they are independent and at different floor in the building. They are ok since I dont need to merge their tickets.
    Issue is in the BUTCHERY and RESTAURANT they are on the same floor and I want to have their reports separate. And at the same time I want to have the customers issued with one bill since a customer can sit and have an order of mixed item from both departments.
    My problem is when the waiter logs in and hits the restaurant department and creat an order, it will send the captain order to kitchen. Now when she logs in again to add an item to butchery on the same bill/ticket, the item will not be sent to the captain order to butchery kitchen.

Remember I have two printers. One in restaurant kitchen and another one in butchery kitchen.
The reverse is also a problem. Example. If they create an order to butchery first, the captain order will print to the butchery. When they want to add an order fo the same table but add an item from restaurant, it will not print to restaurant captain order but all will be added to the bill properly. Any help will be appreciated

Check the name of your printer in the BUTCHERY and RESTAURANT.

Are you using a network printer? If yes you shouldn’t have these issues. But if you are using a USB printer, make sure the name of the printer is the same.

Thanks okokhue
Yes they are all network printers with different ip addresses and different printer names and issues still persist. Remember the it’s two departments mapped to the same ticket/table

You can’t build one ticket across two departments. Departments require separate tickets.

Thanks Jesse.

I used the wrong terms that’s why Am not well understood.
I have these two departments sharing entities/tables. When I want to make a sale for a combo from dpt A and dpt B, only the first captain order will be sent to the kitchen depending on which department I start with.
I sorted this overnight by mapping the exact product to the respective printer and it worked.
Now I came to a different issue which is, to have a report that will separate my total sales per department and individual item per department.
Kindly help
See the report I have so far

[Sales per department :1, 1 ,1]

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Department,O.ItemTag,O.ExactTotal.Sum,:: (0) (1) (2),TotalAmount >= 0}}}

Total||{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ExactTotal.Sum:(ODI=True)}