Different Departments

I am currently using V5 in my restaurant and would now like to start using it for our reception in the hotel as well. I want to be able to create 2 different departments with different menus but i am struggling on how to create the 2 different departments with different menus. Can anyone help? I also want to be able to connect the reception sambapos to my restaurant one, again can anyone help me with this?

When you go to Departments section and you click your department, You can see the default menu selection on there. I dont have too much experience with different menus but start messing around with all that and you should get what you need.

There is also the change screen menu action that you can use with a “Ticket Displayed” rule mapped to a certain department.

Again I haven’t done any of this, just giving ideas you can try. If anyone else has better advice by all means…