Different price for the same product in different venues?

is that possible?

I have one pizzaria and one restaurant… both hae the same prodcuts for BEBERAGES, but, they have different prices, for exapmle coca cola 600ml in the pizzaria is 3.5 and in the restaurant is 4.00.

Is there andy easy way for me to define two prices for one product?


You could try Price Definitions. We use this for happy hour pricing.

Set it to select an alternate Price Definition on Ticket Creation.
The default Price Definition name is blank when you use it in a Rule, the second will be whatever you name it.

I was going to use price definitions for happy hour and promotions…


I think that the possibility to add different prices for the same prodcuts in different venus could be a nice add-in for the program, We do have the same beverages and different prices.

@gerlandog i just a few questions. How are u dealing with half and half toppings at your pizzeria . Also how about combos and price for second and third pizza discounts. I would really appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks

  1. half and half we charge the most expensive (we always did this, since NO pos allowed me to charge exact amount, and now all my clients are used to that).
  2. combos, I have a combo during week days, one large pizza you get a 1litre beverage free. I use the gift button for that beverage.
  3. we dont do discounts for second or third pizza… if you want our pizza, you will have to pay it, jajajajajajjajajajajaj, sorry, just a joke… but seriously, no discounts for second or third.


Lol @gerlandog
Haha Im sorry i like the information u provided but i wanted to know how you are dealing with it in the pos. For example for me i have alot of toppings not too much though. So how do u differentiate halves in the pos. And then we have a combos with wings and two pizzas and so on. So how would you deal with that.

no need to be sorry!!!
I simply dont have combos, just a pizza with a free coke, and I use the gift button.
we dont have combos, and when we have to sell half and half, for example half muzzarella and half portuguesa, i simple charge a whole portuguesa since the muzzarella is 20.00 and the portuguesa is 26.00


ill try to find a solution around half topping problem. but that gift button seems like a really good idea. ill try that.

Dear @JohnS and @emre, is there any tutorial to follow for the price definitions?
I am stuck and would like to give it a try.



Products->Price Definitions

  • Set a definition called Restaurant
    Products->Price List
  • Set the prices for Restaurant
  • Set the Price Tag to Restaurant

Restaurant should now use the Restaurant Price Definition. Pizza should use the standard price.

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as you have mentioned we can define price definitions for same product with different price but let say if we have kebab categoy with sub menu chicken,lamb,beef and each have different price 19,20,20 then what is suggested ?

to define different prices or to have different name like kebab with chicken etc?

Hi There i have done as you said…Needed to do as i have take away also and at a different price to eat in.
But when i take the order it is still just the original eat in price that appears and cannot see the knew T/A prices i have put in.
So a bit puzzled as to why as it looks like i done everything as you said.
Help please and thanks in advance.