Disable void ticket printing in kitchen

Is it possible to disable ticket printing in kitchen for void action?

Should be able to, not at pc right now but i think you could add a constaint to the kitchen print rule something like

{ORDER STATE} not equals void

Dont quote me on the specific tag setup above but itll be something like that

If you don’t want to print void lines to kitchen printer you should modify your kitchen print template to clear template for [ORDERS:Void] section.

However your question is too short to understand, we need to guess why you may need that and sounds like you’re doing something wrong. In default workflow kitchen should see voids so they won’t prepare related item. If you give more details about your specific case / need we may find a better solution.


We are able to show void on Kitchen tickets, but we do not want to reprint void tickets in kitchen. It creates confusion in the kitchen. We wish to manually inform void items in the kitchen, without printing the void tickets.