Disabling Multiples of a product

Probs a noob question:
I want to not allow multiples of a certain product group. Staff are hitting, for example, 4 then Oreo Milkshake and then trying to remember what toppings on each.

I want to just allow 1 x Oreo Milkshake and then the auto questions to each one (already sorted)


To be honest that’s something you should train them not to do. Trying to automate to restrict for those reasons will never fix the root problem and your gonna end up chasing things

You would need some kind of order added rule I guess but would be patchey.
You would also need to change the +/- disabling them in user roles are recreating your own. Would need to set an order state flow to map the buttons.

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already have these, so I can do this… but im on about specifically hitting the 3 or 4 then the product

is there a way of disabling the numpad?

You can get rid of it all together in menu settings.
Not of the hotels have numberpad visable at all, prefer the space for order buttons


Menu Settings? Sorry, im feeling very nooby lol. Ive checked everything menu and cant see this setting?

Also, if I swipe a card will it still use the numpad value entered? even if its not visible

Its in the edit all categories popup, far right, you can hide or have just 1-4 at top

For swipe card does it not have carrage return making it enter and do nothing as treated like barcode?

I[quote=“GreatShakesBar, post:7, topic:18126, full:true”]
Also, if I swipe a card will it still use the numpad value entered? even if its not visible

Yea it will work you don’t need the number pad visible it you disable it and start typing you’ll see the bar where number get entered appear at the bottom of the screen and it will disappear once you have cleared the numbers (or pressed enter/scanned/swiped)

I also don’t have any menus with the keypad enabled so I can fit more product buttons on and have a custom button setup to select quantity if needsd

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The card swipe should only be an issue if the reader doesnt submit/carrage return after swipe as that would then be treated like a barcode unless you have alternate automation.

Quick question. Is there a way to increase the small numberpad which shows at the top? On some setups ive seen 1-9 compared to the usual 1-5 that I know is select-able.

And yes removing the numberpad, shouldn’t stop the scan working. It should still read and scan it and show it just like rick said.

Pretty sure default is the 1-5

The 1-9 is probably a custom built number pad

Of course don’t skip 1 and 2. Just wanted to how it appears.


Never knew that!! Loads of little hint and tips about!!

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That’s a new one for me too ll

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