Disabling the Close button

Dear all,

Please is there a way i can disable this close in the picture above for cashier in a fastfood. Once the click settle they it prints to the kitchen but they can still click close and collect the money and not print it.
Any luck please on disabling it for Cashiers only.


Did you change the automation for when the kitchen ticket is printed? By default, the Settle button does not print the kitchen ticket.

yes i did, since its a fastfood.

But that makes no sense as default kitchen print is ticket closing event which is triggered by any flow resulting in the ticket closing. Both payment and close button.
Either way, to remove that you wold want to unmap or change the mapping for the close automation command.
default it is set to ticket and payment screens.

That button won’t close ticket. It just closes the payment screen. If you want a ticket to be paid before it can be closed then you need to constrain that to check for payment.

Also if you have someone collecting money and not pressing the payment type or if they are stealing you may want to fire them.

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It may not be possible to modify the Close button on the payment screen. On default the Close automation button is only mapped to the ticket.

I think it would be a good idea to revert back to the default flow.
Printing the Kitchen Ticket after the ticket is paid has two main benefits:

  1. Mitigate potential fraud and;
  2. Confirms the order for the customer and reduces the likelihood of needing to modify the already printed kitchen ticket.

Was your goal to speed up orders by printing the kitchen ticket earlier?

Good shout, yes, that close button is just close payment screen and cant be removed

You want to change kitchen print back or to something other than printing on pressing settle.
Not sure why you would want to print on pressing settle as that is no different to just having a print to kitchen button.

As said before default flow of kitchen print on ticket closing which would required payment or and entity selected to close without payment. The latter would then require orders to be voided rather than cancelled as they would be with your print on settle button. Kind of the reason default is closing…