Disabling the Drivery and collections tracking


I’ve just installed SambaPOS and it is pretty good but i have a problem with the delivery feature as it is slowing down our delivery process.

I would like to bypass this feature that is irrelevant to our operation. It would ideal that when the delivery ticket is printed, the process is completed with no further action.

Is this possible? and if yes how to perform this and if not, why not!



Anything is possible. I recommend you read some tutorials and get to know how SambaPOS works and how to configure it. SambaPOS is kind of like a sandbox system it lets you do just about anything with it. YOu need to learn how rules, actions, automation commands work and then you can dive into more advanced stuff.


We did the setup for @Delloda and the delivery screen is part of the setup we do for all our clients. He wants to disable it as he does not want to manage his deliveries on the system - he isn’t aware it is not part of the standard setup. We are sorting this out for him.