Disallow certain user from using the POS screen

Ok So I have it set up that ALL of us are just normal employee users including myself. We ALL have to log on from the main screen and it goes straight to the POS screen. Then when we call finish our transaction a receipt prints saying “you have been served by” and logs out after 30 seconds.

I have an additional user called “Cash Controller” this account ONLY has access to start and end work period, reopen tickets and run reports.

How do I prevent this account from accessing the POS screen? The wife is terrible at using this as the POS and it annoys me when at the bottom of the receipt it tells the customer “Today you were served by: Cash Controller”

Ive set up a BLANK menu and done it that way, just be better if it was just blanked off.



In V5 the “main menu” can all be made into automated command buttons so you can simply add mappings so that the POS button does not show for your Cash Controller user, so they can never enter the POS screen

I dont think you can block access to the pos screen in V4, you could however create a blank department with no menu and set Cash Controller to only be allowed to access that department. With no menu or buttons set for that department she couldnt processes any sales

There coukd be another way im not sure as ive not had the need to do this and im not currently at my pc to look at different settings

Hope this helps though

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Pretty much how I set it upon the last hour. I just thought there ‘may’ be a different way.

O well, we’ll have to wait for v5 then. No biggie :smile:


Tricky… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If they enter the screen, immediately log them out!

Set Role Permission for whatever works for you - this is just an example and has no bearing on the method I show below…

Set the User to use the “Limited” Role

Action to Logout User

Rule to handle Application Screen Changed Event.

Map this Rule to the Limited Role only

Will that work for you @GreatShakesBar ?


I’ll try that tomorrow. Were live now. Definitely a good idea. Thanks

For me it worked perfect

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I still haven’t got to do it yet. Had a pretty insane night.

PERFECT!! Thanks @QMcKay! Legend!