Disappeared but hopefully back very soon

First of all… sorry for beeing away.
As some of you know we sold our pizza place and bought 50% of a restaurant here in NATAL brazil. Thinks started well, but soon our “socio” or partner started to open in the middle of the night and stole things from the restaurant and we had a bigh fight, so we decided to sell. Many buyers came but nothing happend, and we went on working. One day our partner decided to terminate our partnership trying to buy us with less than a 10%, so we started a legal process over it, Then we found out that he sold the restaurant to another person without our signature, and things are really messed up now. We are in a criminal process against him with the new “owner”. We hope this goes thru and we get our restaurant back, or our money, so we can open a new one. sorry guys… since december my mind is a little bit overhelmed with this and I could not think clear.

Big apologies to wveryone who wrtote to me, and hope to get started soon again.



Wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

I wish you’ll solve it without any issues… Hope to see you soon too.

Wow @gerlandog that sounds like a horrible experience. Wish you best as you work through that. We have missed you here that’s for sure.

Guys. Thanks for all the messages.
We decided life is too short and regardless on how our criminal process goes on we will try our best to overcme the situation.

We are going to open a pizza delivery. As we are broken to rent a place or put a new restaurant to work, the delivery will work from our house. As soon as we have some money we will yry to open a small pizza place again.

I will try to catch up. I was really depressed and had no willing to do anything. But my wife showed me that we allways have something to be proud and fight… so, we will be up and running again…




Great to hear from you. That is great news! You will be back and growing again and be even better!

PS: Not sure if it would work there, but in the USA a growing trend that seems to be popular is custom made ready to bake pizza’s not cooked. People take home and it has instructions on how to bake it. Sounds strange but people will pay extra for a custom made pizza from a good pizzeria vs a frozen pizza even though cooking it is almost the same.


Thanks Mate!!! I really appreciate your answer!


We always get stronger, don’t give up.

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Hi gerlandog,
Never give up and you will survive the Ups and Downs.
Wishing you and your family a healthy recovery and good business in the future.


Thank you ALL!!!

I am glad to be here