DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Percent

@QMcKay is there any way not show discount tag in kitchen printer as i have other order tag also

i have try this


[ORDER TAGS:Discount Custom]

but its still printing is it coz we havent set any mapping for this?

got it done i had to log out and tag name was case sensitive

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i notice onething i have to type 00 to remove the discount if i type 0 once no action taken

i would like to total the Discounted price ie OTP.Discount Custom Percent

[Discount:2,2,2,2,2,2, 3]
Ticket No|Date|Time|Table|Discount Percent|Discounted Price|Amount
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Time,EN.Tables,OTN.Discount Custom Percent,OTP.Discount Custom Percent,ON.TotalPrice:(OT=Discount Custom Percent)}

TOTAL||||||{REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(OT=Discount Custom Percent)}

please note there are brackets around the amount

Would this work for you?

ya it can unless it print out because i have problem in printing pivot table report

This is not a pivot table… its just a table. What is the problem btw?

Here is how it printed on an inkjet printer. I did not align the table width with margins very well but thats simple fix. Table view prints on a windows inkjet printer just fine.

BTW something I do for my business is I do not actually print them. I send them to One Note and save them in tabs with a structure setup like a file cabinet. If I ever needed a printed copy I can easily find them in my One Note with a simple search and print them. One Note will search the documents so I can search for just about anything and it will retreive it. Very cool.

i want them to be printed on thermal printer t-81

thanks for sharing but here we are keeping as hard copies using thermal printer

If the thermal printer is installed as a windows printer it should work.

EDIT: Never mind it may not work. Seems you kind of limit your reports this way. You might want to consider a simple inexpensive inkjet for reports.

lol anyways can i have the syntax for the discounted report you prepare earlier?

[#Discount:1,1,1,1,2,2, 3]
>Ticket No|Date|Time|Table|Discount|[C]Discount Amount|[C]Discounted Price
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Time,EN.Tables,OT.Discount Custom,OTP.Discount Custom,ON.TotalPrice:(OT=Discount Custom)}

The # inside

[#Discount:1,1,1,1,2,2, 3] 

Sets it as a Table View

You have to manually setup the Table View to show the Summary row. Basically right click any cell in the table and choose View Editor then type ShowTotalSummary then check the box next to ShowTotalSummary to enable it. Then you can right click under the Row you want to total and customize it. Screenshot coming…


ok got it thanks keep up the good work for helping out

the table is printing with thermal printer t-81

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i am unable to show the discounted price on my ticket

[ORDER TAGS:Discount Custom Percent]

Can you show your printer template. I do not know where your expecting or what your expecting with the screen you showed.

I want it to show discounted price

*********Discounted 50% -$6.45

in template:

[ORDER TAGS:Discount Custom Percent]

@Jesse i read in this artice order tag price dont print if this is the case then can you help with the syntax.

Discounted Price = (Product Original Price) - (Order Price)

Try {ORDER TAG TOTAL:Discount Custom}