DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Fixed Amount

This method allows for a Discount to be applied to Any Item, based on a choice of 5 different fixed amounts. It uses an Ask/Apply approach using the Ask Question Action to let the user choose an amount, then applies the Discount using a Tag Order Action.

Operational Flow:

Order Tags:

Automation Command - Ask:

Automation Command - Apply:

Action - Ask Question:

Action - Tag Order:

Rule - Ask Question:

Rule - Apply Discount:



Thank you for this great tutorial.

Is there a way we can add an additional button. This button should ask for a custom amount. Server presses Custom Amount–>They get prompted to enter the amount using numbers key.

Thank you so much.

I have yet to find an elegant way to use Custom Amounts with Order Tags, but having a Price Change button would essentially accomplish the same thing…

@na1978, with a new feature introduced in v4.1.42, we can now create custom discount amount using order tag…


Thank you very much. Great work.