Discount button with Admin confirmation

This tutorial shows how to add a discount button to payment screen that asks for Admin pin.

Remove this calculation selector to remove default Discount button.

Create new automation command for discount button.

Map it to payment screen.

After saving it Create a new action. This action adds discount to ticket.

Create a new rule to add discount when discount button clicked. {:TENDEREDAMOUNT} reads value you typed on numberpad. Display Payment Screen action refreshes payment screen to update discounted amounts.

So when you type 5 and click discount button it adds %5 discount.

If you login with a non-admin user it will also ask Admin pin. While testing be sure you’ve logged in with a non-admin user as it won’t ask confirmation for admins.


Can we add limit discount available, like less than 30%?

Put a Custom Constraint on the rule for {:TENDEREDAMOUNT} Less 30

Sorry, i still can’t add Custom Constraint rule. Please how to add it?

Oke, Now It’s Work. Thank You