Discount in figure not in percentage

Hi recently I have started Bar and restaurant. I am using sambapos v5. I am facing difficult in applying discount in percentage I need discount in figures. Can any one help me to resolve this issue.

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But i need the discount on Total Ticket Value.

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Or you can create a calculation with a [?prompt] to ask you to key in the value to discount

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By this do you mean like a fixed discount amount?
E.g Bill total is $24. You want to discount $4. Is this what you are after?

If so, can select Fixed amount from ticket total or Fixed amount from ticket.

You can clone the original discount button and make it fixed amount. Then add the button to settle screen. It should work.

Otherwise you for rate in % you would want to choose one of the links @RickH have provided.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I will do this process and I will let you know.