Discount on gql.exec

I tried to add a discount calculation on gql.exec

qry = 'mutation m {addCalculationToTerminalTicket (terminalId:"'tid'",calculationName:"Discount", amount: 5){uid}}';
r =  gql.Exec(qry);

This is ok. Makes 5 disounts.

qry = 'mutation m {addCalculationToTerminalTicket (terminalId:"'tid'",calculationName:"Discount", amount: 5.5 ){uid}}';
r =  gql.Exec(qry);

But this makes 55 discounts. I want to make 5.5 discount.
How can i do it?


Try with 5,5 instead 5.5

I tried but the same. makes 55 discounts.

In your windows regional settings are you using dot as a decimal separator? Or use overide regional settings in samba

Just a thought, maybe try ‘5.5’ probly wont like a sting but worth a go. or declare int 5.5 as a var and use the var in the call.

It is ok when i changed demical seperator , to . but how can i change this for only sambapos?

Local Settings > General and check Override Windows Regional Settings and try if that works for you.