Discount one item only from list

is there a way to discount only one and not the total as we run lots of offers on food like in this screen i want to discount the kids packed lunch but £1 but only to be applied to that item.

Search for discount tutorials there are two specifically that inl use, discount custom value and discount custom percent. You select the order and the press the discount button so it only affects that one order line

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i’ve been following this tutorial DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Amount and im at rule one discount update but i cant seem to add to execautomationcmd twice

Right-click in the the Action Chooser in the left side, and select Display all Values. Then scroll to the bottom of the list… you will see the action listed again so you can add it. You can do this multiple times.

This is explained in the same topic, and has a screenshot on how to do it …

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