Discount percent apply to order and order tag

I want a percent discount to a a full price of order. I can make a discount button with any percent i want but it not working correct when we add many order tag to an order .

Example :
1 Stek Sandwich 5$
salad 1$
steak 3$

total 5+1+3 = 9$ => if i discount 50% it only discount to 6.5$ not 4.5$

any way to do this?

It would appear that it’s not discounting the other order tags, only the price of the order. (i.e. it’s doing 50% of $5 = $2.50 discount, $9 - $2.50 = $6.50)

Ok I’ve worked out how to get it to work.

You have to make sure you have “Discounts” as a separate Order Tag Group, and that the “Discounts” Order Tag Group is in a lower sort position than your other Order Tag Groups.

To illustrate, see below, where you can see before and after changes when re-sorting the Order Tag Group: