Discount Restriction on particular product

So your using a ticket calculation? If so its ticket calculation not product calculation.

yes i am using discount button default of samba

Those type of discounts are “Ticket Calculations” key word is Ticket. They will not work at Order level.

You would need to use a different kind of discount for that. There are several product level discount tutorials most of them use Order Tags.

Short answer is you can not do what you want with the default discount button it will not work and there is no way to make it work. But you can setup a different kind of custom discount.

ok then let me do seprate discount button but i want tutorial can i get help for this

Did you not try this import file? It was built in v4 but might work in v5.

OK do not install that it will cause crashing with v5. Let me fix it and ill link a new version.

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yes i try this it was crashing

Give me a minute let me find whats causing it.

Ok so it didnt import the Transaction Type correctly. Go to Accounting and then find the Fixed discount transaction type and the Source Account type and Source account should be receivables. Set those and save it then it works fine.


I think that is what you need. Then you can get rid of your other discount button. Just be sure and set each product as Y or N for Discount product tag.

sure after 1 hour i wil check today is ramadan festival i will be back from prayers and update and thanks thanks a lot for being for me allways jesse may god bless u

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hi this tutorial is half part like if i have one item which cannot be discounted then it dosent allow to give discount.
if i have 2 item like one item is eligible for discount another is not eligible then its applying discount for both items.
and u can see below coffee its written submitted that mean this item is not eligible for discount and below hot tea its written submitted,discount that mean this item is eligble for discount but when i give discount it is giving for both items.


Did you add the Y or N for product tags? When I run the discount it works for only items I put a Y on.

yes i gave command Y and N but its not working

show your rules for the configuration something is not right., There are two rules one is for order added and one is for state updated.

ok here is the rules

Where is the other rule?

Also show the Discount rule.

Actually when I look at it… its correct… you did a 10% discount and it was only suposed to be on Hot Tea which was 7.00 that would be .70 which is what it did. Maybe your math in your head was wrong? It seems to be working just fine.