Discount Restriction on particular product

You need to elaborate on exact combinations and discount options.
Should be achiveable but not using the default discount selector button.
I’ll say in advance, I’m not putting together full tutorial or spending all day explaining, elaborate on exactly what’s needed and will offer suggestions.

u can see this picture i have punch 4 items and given discount. so here it is taking discount for all the items. so the operation will be like when i use discount button pepsi is not the discount product. all other 3 should be discount.

You haven’t really elaborated on the discount options/setup/offer.
As said the default discount button uses ticket total.
You can set automation to calculate a discount based on virtually anything using report expression and update calculation using a rixed amount discount type.
Either way the payment screen would still show a distributed discount in regards displayed products on payment screen.
From what you have said you will likely need to use negative value order tags for what you want.

Calculations are ticket wide only you can not use calculations for orders. If you need order level discounts then you need to look at some of the tutorials that use order tags etc.

You can use a Selected Orders action to execute some of those tutorials from Payment screen if you wish.

ok i will see about this jesse

hi i saw QMcKay tutorial but it is not full for discount eligible can some say me how to complete the tutorial please here is the link for that

I have no idea what your asking for honestly. What do you mean?

Like i have mutton pizza its a item so for this item there will be restriction for discount like this product is not eligible for discount

There isn’t a way to have a simple % discount on only specific items.
You would need to use a fixed value discount and update discount automation which updates using report order total expression which calculated order total for applicable items.
I do this for the hotels locals and staff discounts which are % but on food and drink separately at different rates.
If you want it updated as orders are added it gets more complex to automation given many ways to trigger update but if it’s a end of transaction payment screen applied discount it’s allot easier as just set/updated once by manual trigger/automation command.

Product is eligible for discount yes or no something like this i am looking for

The tutorial you linked is for ticket wide discounts not products.

is there any way that we put restriction on products for giving discount like i have 4 items in ticket in that one time is not eligible for discount when i give discount auto it should not apply discount that one item

So there are several ways to do discounts. First how are you doing discounts?

default discount option i am using in my menu like i ask u before about combo deal so here that combo deal cannot give discount so if one customer order me one combo deal and normal pizza so here combo deal dont have discount its a deal pizza has discount so when i give discount on whole ticket amount then auto it should not give discount for combo deal only pizza amount should be discounted

So your using a ticket calculation? If so its ticket calculation not product calculation.

yes i am using discount button default of samba

Those type of discounts are “Ticket Calculations” key word is Ticket. They will not work at Order level.

You would need to use a different kind of discount for that. There are several product level discount tutorials most of them use Order Tags.

Short answer is you can not do what you want with the default discount button it will not work and there is no way to make it work. But you can setup a different kind of custom discount.

ok then let me do seprate discount button but i want tutorial can i get help for this

Did you not try this import file? It was built in v4 but might work in v5.