Discount using Order Tag, How to edit KOT and Customer Receipt Template

Dear All,
I tried to use Discount function using Order Tag,it is successful.But something is no so nice in printing format. How can I do it please?

I think it’s just the spacing that you are not happy about, right?

On the receipt, just amend this section:

-- Format for order tags
     ^^^ add a few more spaces here, or amend so you are happy with it

And similar on the KOT, however probably you don’t really need discounts to show at all in the kitchen? If so, just hide discount order tags in the kitchen like this:

[ORDER TAGS:Discounts]
-- Nothing will be printed

(assuming your Order Tag Group for Discounts is called “Discounts”, if not amend the word in the first tag)

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Also @MDHasan PLEASE stop using the “V5 Tutorial” category for your questions!!!

I have changed this topic to a “V5 Question”.

You have been told already on other topics by other forum members. You MUST select the category “V5 Question” for questions like this. A tutorial is for when someone has created a step by step tutorial for others to follow.

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Dear Markjw,
Thanks you for your help. Later I will take care of my post. Actually, I did not know it very details.

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@markjw On the Receipt, can i combine all Order Tags discount value and show it above Total line.

I think you can use {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} (where X is the name of your order tag) at the place where discounts are.

If you do that, you probably want to hide the discount order tags from showing elsewhere on the receipt so follow my advice for your KOT on the customer receipt as well to hide them.

So you could have a line something like:

[<J00>Discount | [{ORDER TAG TOTAL:Discount}]]

(the [ ] is to hide the line if no value exists for {ORDER TAG TOTAL:Discount})


Thanks you very very much. Now I got it.