Display customer name on table

Ah because'<br/>' single quote break it. Try use double quote for br "<br/>" or try opposite leave br single quote and change other to double quote. The idea is <br/> need to be inner quote.

also with single or duble br we have the problem that if we put a break line we have also a break line on table without account name. we have found (TCET=Customer)… is it possibile to add it using somthing like this:

$1 {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:’’+[EN.Albergo] +[EN.Cliente] :(TEN.Tavolo=$1) and (TCET=Clienti ) and (TCET=Albergo ) and T.RemainingAmount>0 }

in this way is not working


May also try this:
[='{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[EN.Albergo] + [EN.Cliente] :(TEN.Tavolo=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0 }'.length > 0 ? '<br/>+{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[EN.Albergo] + [EN.Cliente] :(TEN.Tavolo=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0 }' : '']

probably there’s an error on the script

Hmm…Does Display Format support [=...]?

maybe but it seems .lenght the problem.

It is not support [=...] but do support {CALL:X}

i don’t understand (i cann’ot open the link with the entity state formatting). I have to put CALL:x instead of =?

Create Script:

function sanitize(table,customer) {
	return (customer.length > 0 ? table + '<br/>' + customer : table)

In Display Format:
{CALL:btnTxt.sanitize('$1','{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[EN.Albergo] + [EN.Cliente] :(TEN.Tavolo=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0 }')}


Hi sukasem, sorry for my delay but i have no time to try your solution. So, i can confirm that work perfectly like a charm! :slight_smile: thanks in advance, now we can buy the complete license and try to upgrade our old database “a v3 edition” to v5 edition…

Tnx again!

Script function & GraphiQL are priceless.

If you can I don’t recommend upgrading a v3 database. It’s a pain but I recommend building from a fresh new v5 database.

hi kendash we have upgraded succefully the database form an sql server (based on sambapos 3 ) to sql server based on sambapos 5… everythings is ok, so we have today paied for the full version…

hi sukasem… you are in right. Sambapos v5 is very impressive i hope in future we can add more function for our client by the way until now is perfect!

the unique problem is tablet. We are using an enterprise ubiquity antenna, but sambapos seems not fast in rdp or with sql database connection comparison to other well know software.

we hope that with version v5 we will have an upgrade in performance.

unfortunately we have to share our enterprise antenna with the bar customer

There is active work being done on an Android and IOS app for tablet order taking. There is also an open source proof of concept project for HTML based order taking app. These are all very fast and instant response across wifi and 4g or 3g wireless.

I do not think it will be long before these are out of beta and actually live.

hi kendash. Ther’s a possibility to join the beta group for the native andorid app? so we can test our 4 tablet in our bar?

You should send Tayfun a message and ask him. I can add you to beta team but you need to talk to him so try that first.

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kendash tank you i will try to contact him…

I added you to beta team you can search the beta forum category for Android app it should pop up the thread. You still need to ask Tayfun for access though.

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HI, If I want to add Customer phone number field into this as well, can this be done? and How can I do this. Please … help… Thx