Display for kitchen cordinator and despatch section

Hi Guys,
I have a requirement and i would like to know whether it can be done in samba pos.

There are 5 different cuisines in the restaurant

  1. Indian
  2. Arabic
  3. Chineese
  4. Italian
  5. Philippine

The flow of the operation is like this.

  1. When the cusomer place the order, suppose if that order contain items from each cuisines, i want the kitchen display in the respective section to show only the item belongs to that section instead of showing the complete order. Hope this can be done with product tag.

  2. Once the item is ready the chef from each section will update it with an item ready button.

  3. I want to place a seperate display for the kitchen co ordinator. So once all the items in an order is ready, he will assemble the orders and click the order ready button. Then send the order to the table.

  4. If the order is a delivery order, and once the cordinator click the order ready button, the order is sent to the despatch section. From there it will be assigned to the delivery boy.

  5. If the order is a delivery order, i want to send three sms to the customer on three phases. First sms while they place the order, second when the order is out for delivery and third when the order is delivered.

  6. Supplier credit account same as customer credit account

This is a requirement from a client. Is it possible to do that.

Yes it’s possible but it will require some advanced config. If you’re not capable to configure that you may look at hiring someone that is.

There are examples of similar things configured in the past here on the forum. It may not be everything you asked in one place but there are many examples of each step here. Do a little digging maybe you can find it.

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Thanks @Jesse
Let me try using states, product tags and entity screens.


Followed these steps, But now the table orders are showing in the Delivery section.
Can some help me out with that?