Display only ordered items on customer dsplay

It is possible to show only ordered items window on customer display? I have a 7 inch customer screen. It is working well, but need to show only this following window.

There are several methods for customer display, have you searched the forum?
Typically you use a web based setup with a html formatted print template saved to a local file and trigger print/refresh on order added etc.
This allows a much more customer friendly clean look over what your trying to sugest which is meant for staff use.
Customers dont care about order state and must causes confusion.

Thank you very much for answer.
With a customer display on COM Port, i can display Ticket Total and saying “Hello” to customers. I is working well with a html formated template, as you said.

But now i have an USB Display. Under Windows USB display shows me active windows “window”.
How can i connect USB port and Sambapos under Printer?

It is only USB, no serial conversion driver for this.


COM port customer display wouldnt have needed HTML, plain text would have been fine.

USB monitor? So is it a segment screen or an actual display type monitor?