Display Order Tags via Automation Button or Entity Button

Hi All Gurus,

I am setting a sambapos for chinese restautrant (previously using V.2).
With the powerful configurable V4 are we able to call up order tag via a widget button or using automation command. Been trying out a few times myself using automation function but cant get it.

The reason for having a “Modifier” call button beside the standard food modifier (order tag) is that in chinese resturant there are way too many food modifier (like cooking and condiments preference, etc) to be added in one dish. If this order tag are to be call out upon normal order tag method, the order tag screen will not be able to fit with the standard oreder tag.

What i need is a call button where only it is press or selected it will display on screen for waiter to select the modifier.

Also i found that the “\r” doesnt work on the order tag.

attached is the screen shot, first 3 groups of order tag are considered force modifier. where the cooking method (order tag) is the one that need to be using call out button.

Thank you for the help

You can use Order Tag Categories and/or Order Tag Prefixes & Filters to reduce the number of modifiers presented to you at once.

Using Categories, you can achieve something like “pages” of Order Tags:

Using a combination of Prefixes and Filters, you can achieve a similar result:

Hi QMcKy,

Again thank you very much for enlightened me on order tag. if i would try out the categories Tag, i will not be troubling you again. For the prefixes i was able to understand it immediately when i put my hand on V4. it must be my overlook that i didnt see it.
Another thumbs up.