Display ticket action

@emre, could you show what actions you have on save & refresh button?

It has display ticket action working with ticket id. I was testing something related with multi terminal setup.

Display ticket with ID of 0 or current ticket ID?
Tried a refresh ticket action with 0 as suggested elsewhere but didn’t act as expected.

ticket id. works for me as expected.

Didn’t think of using ticket ID, will try it out.
Is there a reason why I would be struggling to update ticket tag/state and order states actions on a ticket open rule?

I have no idea about what you’re dealing with. Sorry :slight_smile:

Sorry, was a little off topic,
Was trying to improve my switch user/hold ticket setup.
Rather than having to press a un-hold button I was trying to automate it so that it un-held when the user logged back in.
However the update state/tag actions didnt seem to work on a user loged in event (with a SU_{:CURRENTUSER} is not empty) in actions following the display ticket action calling the ticket id from the program setting.
Even tried firing an automation command to a second rule at the end of the login rule but this didnt seem to work either.
Ended up leaving the update state actions on the automation command rule and execute automation command actions on; ticket total changed, entity selected and the origional unhold button.

User logged in event is not in ticket screen so how would display ticket work? I think your chaining too much together under one event. Try using other events for some of it.

Display ticket does work for user login event, have used in my switch user setup for fair while.

That part works, will have a play and see if I can break it apart a little.
At the minute have only allowed switch user if no new kitchen orders are on the ticket as was struggling to refine the unhold action to a point that there wasnt some sort of way to not unhold the ticket and not send the orders - admittedly that would be me missing something somewhere so took a step back and simplified untill I could work it out.