Display Voucher in Custom Report

under ACCOUNTS i can see voucher is debit but under work period report there is not details for voucher .

i have also try different tags in custom report to display voucher amount but i am unable to do so.

can guide which tag can be used?

The tag i think is {ACCOUNT NAME:Voucher} or whatever youve called tour voicher account

If you look in the ticket template there is a list of most of the tags

I have try few tags from template also but no luck so far

Show screenshots of your voucher account name

I cant remember the precise tag without being at my pc but i think theres a different one from credit column and debit column

Youll need to look at the ticket template where it shows you the tags, its definitely there as thats where i got it from when ive used it

one of the try are:

Voucher:|$[=F(TN(’{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Voucher}’),‘0.00’)]
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Accounts:Voucher}




Depending on what balance you want from the account screen

i had try this earlier no point

ooppps…no voucher had been use during that period
all these tag are working :wink:

Voucher:|$[=F(TN(’{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Voucher}’),‘0.00’)]
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Voucher}

i wasted so much time in it!!!

Lol at least youve solved it now :slight_smile:

one more thing how will be able to count how many voucher were used in a day

No of Voucher Used: {REPORT PAYMENT COUNT:Voucher} -------> failed

any other tag

Wrong syntax… it would be:


This is explained here:


The documentation I just linked above is a very detailed explanation of Custom Reports. You should read through it all.

i have tried this earlier but didnt work …once u confirm i try again its working…thanks alot

after going through the details i approached the forum