Displaying all items in Report Cost Details

Hello Everybody

i was trying to get cost report for all the items in cost detail tag but its only giving me the items which i sell so far. any idea how to get all items. i put 4 test items like test 1, test 2, test 3, test 4.

[Item Profit Margins:2,1]


If you didnt sell any there wouldn’t be any cost… not sure understand.

Its only showing me products with cost which i sell but there is also 2 more product test 3 nd test 4 and its not showing these items. I want the report for all the items, which i didnt even sell but its in the system.

But is there is no consumption or change then there is no cost…

If you see on top m using {REPORT COST DETAILS:X}.

Yes… I see that.
Im not expert on inventory but if there is no change in inventory there is no cost surely, so in same way reporting orders only shows orders made in that period reporting costs will only show items with costs…
If you want to show all I would imagine you need to do an @ declaration using something like report inventory items is available to give a list of all inventory items. Then report cost with a constraint where c name = $1 which should give you a report for all items inc unused ones but will report null/0 for unused ones - since they are unused…

I talking about the items which i sell already that showing in the report but what about the items which i didnt sell and i did purchase transaction?
If i made a purchase transaction and put the cost price in inventory than it suppose to show.

No that cost that you put in the inventory item is just to set a fixed price for purchases… its not to calculate cost.

But right now that is not my concern. Right now i want to display all inventory items through Report Cost Details tag. Tell me how can i do it?

You will not be able to do that as all items may not be visible to that tag. It is a tag specifically for COST which means it would need to have been sold.

You may need to use the REPORT SQL DETAILS tag and build a report with SQL to get exactly what you need.

You can see what is available from within the editor with the built in tag helper. Example:

I created a SQL Report:

FROM InventoryItems INNER JOIN
MenuItemPrices ON InventoryItems.Id = MenuItemPrices.Id
:F.Name,F.GroupCode,F.DefaultBaseUnitCost,F.Price::{0} |{1}|${2}|${3}

If you see thoroughly you will realize inventory items is not lining with the menuitems. Test 2 cost price is $7 but the sales price is not $5, its correct price is $10.

Can you show that product? Show where we can see portion.

I feel inventory items are not link with menuitems here thats why its giving data in scattered form, right?

Notice the Ids are assigned differently. And i just created the inventory through create recipes because it was 1:1.

LOL, @Faisal do you have any experiance with SQL… the only way you report would work is if you only created 1 inventory item per product and you created then in order…
You cant just randomly link things by id. Id is a number given to identify that entry, the chances of two tables having synced Id like you think is extremely slim and a bad way to do things.
To do sql between inventory and menu item you are also going to need to join in there recipe tables and join a path between them.
I think your in over your head again.

Yeah you are right :woozy_face:
Guide me nah plz how can i do it?

There is a reason this isn’t built in to reports, as I said before an inventory item doesnt have a sell price as it’s an ingredient. You dont say the sell price on a burger bun is the price of the burger do you?!? Its a irelevent value.
No one is going to waste time on a pointless report.
If you want to do you’ll need to brush up on sql skills.
You would have to link inventory I’d with its recipie and from recipe to the product. It will get crazy complicated and for no reason.
Then what would you want to happen when more than one ingredient in a product?