Displaying tickets of only one ticket type

Ive been creating a system for a takeaway which handles deliveries and collections in the same calls but also needs to assign drivers to the delivery orders. I therefore decided to follow the custom package delivery system tutorial but rather than make a new department for deliveries, I’ve kept it in the same department because we’ve only got one phone that takes both the deliveries and collections.

I’ve made a system where once we select the customer and create their ticket, it “asks ticket type” and we choose either delivery ticket or collection ticket. Ive deleted the default customer ticket screen as it displays both delivery tickets and collection tickets, so now I have a delivery screen, created following the custom package delivery tutorial, where I assign drivers, but now I’ve got two issues I havent been able to resolve. The collection screen is a custom screen and although I can use ticket lister to display the collection tickets, I cannot go into each ticket and edit or settle the tickets. Is there anyway I can make the collection ticket screen similar to the automatic customer ticket screen where it displays each ticket as a button which I can open,edit and settle when needed. The second problem is that when I create a delivery ticket, close it and then select that delivery customer, their ticket opens, however when I do this with a collection ticket, it creats a new ticket

I know this is a very long read because I’ve tried to provide as much information as I can including screenshots, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile::v:

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 19.44.30

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 19.46.41

Why not? You can select tickets and it will open them. Did you setup the automation to allow that?

On the delivery screens ticket lister, which I created following the tutorial, I can settle the ticket if it has the delivering status but all I can do to the tickets with a waiting status is select them and assign a driver. Its the same with the collection tickets but as there is no need to assign any drivers, I just can select them. I do remember creating a display ticket rule when following the tutorial, is that linked to this problem in anyway?

You need to create a new button for displaying that ticket yes.

IIRC The problem when you use different ticket type is you can’t edit ticket if your current department (have default ticket type assign to it) have different ticket type than the ticket you want to edit.

So if you have 1 department using 1 ticket type easier and use Ticket State for separate delivery and correction.

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I am a fan of using single ticket type and single department. You can use Ticket States to define Eat-In or To-Go or Delivery and filter to those states for reporting.

Thank you both for the replies, I’ll experiment with the ticket states and see if it is what I needed :grinning: