Do not close ticket after payment!

Hello everyone! In our menu we have special offer with free drinks, so when it adds to order list it automatically execute Gift automation to make it free. But when there is only one Gift order in a ticket, after close the Ticket Payment Check Rule marking it as closed ticket, which should stay open, because customer may order something else later. So I’ve changed this rule to check order count less 1. After I’ve created new automation command “Mark ticket as closed” to display it on payment screen, then I have created a new rule to execute this command.

After i created one more rule to handle paid tickets!

It works fine until i pay by cash full amount of ticket! It seems like it executes the default close ticket rule.
So how can i disable auto-closing after i pay?

I found another solution! It doesn’t disable auto-closing but mark ticket as paid and mark ticket as closed.
Just create another rule!

In case if someone will need this!

Hi mate,

Is there a way where the colour of the table indicates that the bill has been paid and awaiting order to changing the colour after the customer gets their order???

Yes there is, you would be best to create a custom state flow.
You would probably be beneficial too look at kitchen display setups as these in essence do the same thing.