Do we have a tag for ITEM PRICE?

Have setup an automation for changing the price of an order to a ITEM TAG price as part of a dinner package.

However would like to implement a ‘Clear Package’ automation command should manual overide be required but cant work out an easy way to call the original item price…
If not will use a script but wondered if there was a tag already available…
Available tags all seem to relate to order price (changed) rather than the original price.

Found a temporary solution of saving the original price to another order state in the order added rule;

Wouldnt it be better to use a price list for this? You can just swap between the price lists.

No because you can’t set a 0 price in price list, it will revert to normal price if 0/-

You’re not really selling items for 0 price right? That should be gift or some similar custom state.

You wanted to revert it back to original price right? Was original price 0?

No, price was say £5, have a product tag for package price.
If the constraint which counts course + package state vs covers tag means it’s included in package price is updated to the item tag for package price.
There are some meals which are not included and others which have a supplement price.

Ok well sorry. It’s hard to offer good advice when I can’t understand what you have done or are doing. I’ll wait and see if you explain your setup before I offer anymore advice.

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Sorry, do try to explain :slight_smile: