Do we have, or plans to have, webhooks feature in Samba?

The bit I dont get with webhooks is surely there is still something ‘checking in’ with the server.
As i see it a comparison in theory is Fetch vs PUSH emails right?
Fetch emails (API) you ask for new emails and get them in response or indeed get all emails in your account.
Push email (webhook) the serve sends you new emails as they come in rather than only when you ask if you have new ones.

However we all know a server cannot just PUSH something out to a remote client just like that, there is dynamic IPs firewalls and routing and all that stuff for a start.
So either the client app needs to keep some form of heartbeat connection going for ‘Live’ hooks or its just the same as fetch but in disguise with a quicker check time?

I’ve been using Trello for many years for project management and tracking feature changes on software.

For example here is part of our project management board for our SambaPOS projects

Generally “cards” move from lists left to right. You can click on a card to get more info on it…

There is a lot more features to it, many I am not using. And it’s free (for what we use).

At first don’t see what Trello would benefit a POS, however then had few ideas - you could use it for tracking deliveries, it could be a kitchen screen, etc., again some of this is already possible in SambaPOS, but Trello has a mobile app and you can get it to trigger other things when cards are moved, etc.

Zapier is good but a bit expensive. We already use it with customers that we provide a marketing service on top of GloriaFood. It picks up accepted orders from GloriaFood then pushes the relevant details to MailChimp (for email marketing) and ClickSend (for SMS marketing). So its true, if you could connect to SambaPOS via Zapier, it means you can integrate with many other platforms easily.


Do these not come through with the order to samba?
Mail-chimp API is pretty straight forward, could you not pass direct from samba?

It is separate to SambaPOS. Plus I have some clients who have GloriaFood and not SambaPOS.

Yes, but also I can connect via Zapier in less than 5 minutes, I don’t need to write any code, it logs any issues, any errors get emailed to me automatically, I can manage all of it online so easy to make changes. if an API is updated I don’t need to change anything.


No. The “server” is usually written in something like PHP and as such, it is constantly “listening” and simply responds with an appropriate answer… just like the online APIs currently do, like Weather Network, etc.
GraphQL server service is the same.

Not really. You still need to “ping” the server with a query or mutation to get it to “reply” or respond.

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That’s the beauty of Webhooks - it lets different APPs connect to each other without coding so making the deployment of a whole ecosystem faster.

Here is a youtube video showing how Zapier(based on WebHooks) can automate a lot of services that we don’t need to study their APIs and still be able to automate them.

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What does it take to get one