Documentation for Version 5

You know what’s actually cool is that Emre doesn’t always account for everything. Often things are discovered that he never imagined. That is what I think is truly amazing.

The community are developers too. Emre programs it so its possible.


This is exactly what I’m just feeling right now… I never expected what @RickH building atm.


I didn’t even touch on that.
Although coding a software with structure allowing some of the ‘unintended’ configs without things going haywire is what impresses me.
Obviously the enginuity of those setups is equally impressive :slight_smile:

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This is half technical half social. Building stuff with people changes everything. Everything people talk here (seriously everything) helps a lot.

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Gotcha Emre

I understand your position and approach.

I guess we will have to slough through it.

Once again kudos to your team and I hope you believe us when we tell you we are NOT using Samba because its free or available. …there are lots of free and affordable but useless crapware out there.

We are with you cause you wrote the best application for this vertical. .period. And we just want it to be better and easier to implement.

Once again congrats on V5 …have downloaded it and going through the features and will be bugging you and the community as I need to.


I got nothing against the payment, however, I’m a bit hesitated to upgrade and pay 99$ for V5, I need a list of features, as a comparison between V4 and V5 to be able to decide effectively.

Anyhow, V5 looks SICK! <3

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is a good place to start.
First couple of posts are a bit ‘codey’ but carry on reading.
If V4 does all you need then you might not need to upgrade, but have a look through as your likely to see a feature which could be very useful you hadn’t thought about.
I can see the google maps API for calculating delivery distance being a popular one :smile:


I’ll try to demonstrate new V5 features as I’m preparing new tutorials.

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The biggest value in the price is that it comes with all of the previous pay modules. Be prepared to wait a while while we document the advantages. There are so many things v5 can do that it is going to take us a while to show what’s all possible. V5 features added are so vast even our HUGE features thread doesn’t cover all of it. We tried to document it all but it’s a huge task to do.

I am helping create tutorials to demonstrate some stuff.

PS: don’t wait on us. Install it on test machine and play with it in trial mode. You get full function until 500 tickets.

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why cant we raise money to get it done for limited time?i would do it myself if i could .i would not mind droping few bucks in a pot to pay someone to organise or do what it takes to clean things up or write what ever is needed .not sure how many users there is ,i guess one must figure out cost first then devide it by 60 or 70% of users and promote a donation towards the cause or have the cost displayed and take donations till that figure is reached . just a thought
i think having good documantation is another asset for our cause .

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It has been answered many times now. By the nature of SambaPos which is highly customizable so it almost impossible to write a manual. Because there is so many way to get things done and everyone want their own way to get it done.

You have to take time to learn from forum. This forum is your documents. Even we have pdf manual I’m really doubt that ppl will take time to read 1000s of pages.

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@sevx007 the best way to learn samba system is to play with it as there is no fixed way of doing anything and even a basic flow can be done many ways.
If your stugling to get to grips with the system I could recommend maybe watching a few of my video tutorials which go step by step through setting up some basic things many people use.
Once you understand the way samba works you can create many many customization.


@JTRTech’s post made me think maybe what we need to have is just a better index of Tutorials grouped by context… and put it on a visible place.

Anyone have ideas? @Tayfun can help us.

PS: Sorting tutorials by view count gives better idea about what is hot here.


@emre what kind of options does the forum offer?

Some form of tree structure might help, but then again would often need to be listed multiple times ie my fast cash tutorial might be listed in;
Automation Flows
Ticket Screen
Which means some form of tree structure would be challenging…
Some form of tag/hashtag keyword type setup?

Discourse is great forum solution but its structure is fairly flat for that type of organisation.

Maybe a ‘Tutorial Site Map’ pinned post but probably just get skiped by users and the into post does list several key tutorials already.

I still have intentions to put together a series of video tutorials when I get time.
Need to sort a real intro set which I can offer as ‘added value’ on my systems sold, just had aprox a dozzen systems worth of screens and pcs etc come in so will make life easier when selling.

sevx007 post has suggested that there may be some value to a video tutorial set as beyond basic setup/products to offer to my customers there is a need for some form of return for time invested in creating a thorough set of videos.

A set of 3-4 ‘teaching type’ videos might be a good idea for a first point of call.
To include previously mentioned ‘tour of samba’, ‘install & setup’, ‘basic menu & products’, ‘basic automation principles’.
Less about actual scenarios but lecture type explaining the automation system etc as the key part being understanding rather than just copying. including say visulisations of automation command and command value passing in a visual way rather than just seeing the setup and results.

For a tech guy, feature is always of higher priority, but for a non tech person such as end user, he/she may want less features but a functioning simple solution. Therefore, I think Samba team should consider to balance the resources between tech customer such as solution providers and non tech people such as small business owners.

That is what emre is doing.
The project is never going to be a simple out the box solution.
What samba does is give you a programing gui where you need minimal coding knolage.
It’s like a CMS website.
A complete non tech has little chance.
A basic tech can setup and admin using built in abilities actions/rules etc are like modules and plugins you setup more basic config/options.
Advanced user can use as a toll for something bigger and more complex using scripts/SQL and API for more advanced stuff.

Documentation might not be as advanced as some would like but compaired again to say joomla CMS that is used by many many more people for allot longer so has a base to work from.

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"I was planning to make a start on expanding the wiki "

LOL, I do not even know there is a wiki of SambaPOS - should have thought of it, stupid me! I should start reading it.

SambaPOS Wiki is here:

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Is there an offline version of the Wiki documentation such as in PDF? I found myself always on the road without Wifi or that I don’t want to read docs with a small screen cell phone.

No there is not an offline version currently offered. A few forum members have done some targeted training documents you might search for that.