Does order.model.GetVisiblePrice take into account Price Definition

I use a an action to set a price definition if a ticket is of a certain type.
I also have an action that updates pricing for a sunday surchage.

The price definition is executed first then the sunday surcharge.

The sunday suchage uses order.model.getVisiblePrice to determine the price to then add the surcharge to however it seems to interfere with applying the price definition and effectively ignores it.

Is there any way to get the current price including the price definition ?

Yes try {PRICE} but if you show the rule it would help us understand.

Ta. I tried {PRICE} but doesn’t seem to work.

See the two rules below. Once runs on order added, the second on portion change. It’s the portion change which has the problem as it effectively ignores the price definition and goes back to the original pricing, which in this case is higher and is causing overcharging.

you’ll see in the image below, the price is 14 (not showing the price definition) but the amount is 14.30, which is the takeaway price, 13, + 10% … so that’s ok. Once the portion changes though, that’s where the error occurs.



nah, seem issue. All good, i’ve found another way of doing it.

Thanks heaps for taking a look @Jesse