Dont show the change amount on the slip

my sambapos 3 don’t want to show me the change amount on the slip can u please help

This is not an issue its a question so i have changed it

Please do not post multiple posts with the same question you will not get any extra responses, in fact you will probably get less

I already answered your question in the other post you made, see below

You need to post in sambapos 3 forum this is for 4 and 5 and you will find very very little if any support here

People will generally ignore any requests for help on V3 as most have never actually used it and have started with V4. Sorty i cant be of more help but this forum needs to stay just for v4 and v5 when released

I think v3 is at

Im sorry if that isnt helpful but this is v4 and v5 forum there is no support here for V3

I suggest you upgrade to v4 to get the additonal functionality and youll then be open to all the help here in the v4 forum