Dont want weight based product


I can help you do this… but how many packs come in a case? 10? Is it always 10? Do you want it to track packs or how many cases left?


So here is an example of how I track Cheese Sticks sold. I want it tracked by # of cheese sticks left. They come in bags each bag has 72 cheese sticks and a case is 6 bags.



One serving is 5 cheese sticks so my recipe deducts 5. Here is how it looks after I sell 2 orders.

the negative is because I did not do a purchase first but you can get the idea. It says I have - 10 cheese sticks left.


So in your case your base unit would be a pack. a case would have multiplier of 10 packs. Recipe would sell 1 pack. You wouldnt use weight at all.


Quick question… I dont use inventory or warehouse features but for others on here… if you do set your amount of cheese sticks to 6 cases and you sell out of all of them say. Can samba pop up a message or completely not allow someone from selling the item if its out of stock?


It won’t by default but you can configure that yes.


This makes sense, thanx I am going to try this tomorrow and see if it works