Drawer Issue sampapos v4

Hi all
i bought a mpop (pos system)
the sampapos cannot regonize the drawer
how to specify the drawer setting or how to tell sampapos use this drawer

You need to find out what the kick code is for the drawer you have and use that in printer template to open the drawer

how to know that kick code???

If youve not got the documentation for your printer youll need to google the draw kick code for your printer

Search returns some related stuff.

For Example…

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already i tried this tutorial but its not work

I referenced that tutorial because it explains how to find the kick code.

So you know your kick code but it does not work?

Is your drawer connected to your printer or do you have an all in one you are trying to connect directly?
Kick code is specific to the device the drawer is connected to. A cash drawer is just like a switch using two of the wires in the rj11 to release the catch.
Kick codes are usually easiest to find for printers vs those all in one drawer ports on printers.

i have it all in one
the printer and the drawer in one device,
i connected using USB
i have (Statr mpop)

yes, it does not work

??? your printer and drawer are one device?

Your drawer is usb?

So what was your kick code?

all the pos in one device has one usb cable
i can print but i can not open drawer

i check this link, : http://keyhut.com/popopen.htm
my drawer is a star brand the kick code must be : 27,112,0,50,250 or 27,112,1,50,250

Ok so show how you used kickcode.

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Im intrigued to see this all in one… I have never seen a cash drawer & printer all in one?

Also typically its not the brand of cash drawer that matters its the printer as its the printer which kicks the drawer not the drawer itself… but then thats having never seen a printer & cash drawer all in one.

Looks like a new product.


Does this method works for your device?


Nice, tidy solution for use with a tablet, makes more sense than how I pictured it LOL

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I think it looks fugly… lol

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