Dropbox and Sambapos

Hi all,
Can I integrate sambapos with Dropbox?
Sambapos is using compact database and whole data and transactions are stored in …\Documents\Sambapos4\sambapos4.sdf file. we can change this location to dropbox folder.
So am planning to put that sdf file in dropbox , and use that file in multiple branches.
is it possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Dont think thats going to work for various reasons plus with V5 you need a separate dayabase and license for each venue so you woukd be breaching the terms of the license

There currently isnt multisite support but it is in the pipeline

So what about v4?
Or please give me an idea for centralizing my branches…
Microsoft Azure is fine?

There is not support for that right now. Putting the current structure on cloud services would not be a good experience. Using CE is not a good option anyway.

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Is there any way to sync sales between locations?
Or sales report?

I am sure there are possibilities to build something that can combine report data but it won’t be a Sambapos feature you would need to develop the solution yourself.

Is this possible?
I hope it will work .:slight_smile:

It will work but it may not be a good experience. If the cloud slows or your Internet goes out you can’t do anything, you loose all functions.

Cloud support and multi branch is being worked on I would wait for that.


@Jesse Actually its not fully cloud based, azure client will sync the data needed to the cloud database.
so even there is no internet, sambapos will work .