Duplicate Entities after changing table


I have successfully made 2 set of entities, FirstFloor and GroundFloor.
It was working fine until I have a table from FirstFloor change to Groundfloor. After I change it, it still appear on the first floor screen. it appeared to duplicate whatever I do with that table on firstfloor until i settled it. Is it possible to complete change it without duplicate?


What exactly do you mean about “2 set” ? Can you show some screenshots of the entity setup from the manage section.

this is the duplicate
as u can see, the ticket number shown with two entities on it GroundFloor: T01 and FirstFloor: C01.

I see your problem and kind of thought this is what had been done - you have created new Entity Types for Ground Floor and First Floor, however they are all just tables (i.e. floor is just an area of your restaurant). So you should just be using the Table entity type, and add all your tables (from both floors) as Table entities.

Then, you have your Ground Floor and First Floor Entity Screens, but both link to the Table entities - you select only those tables on the respective floor for each of the screens.

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