Duplicate entities from time-to-time


Every now and then, at different locations, a duplicate entity is created. I have verified they have been created manually from within SambaPOS desktop application.

When I try to create a duplicate entity I am unable to do so and everything seems to work as it should.

Has anyone else encountered this?
Is there anything I can check?
Is there anything I can log to help narrow down the circumstances that allow a duplicate to be created?


Are you sure it’s duplicate and not just containing spaces?

Yes they are dup’s. SambaPOS crashes and verified via SQL.

Hmm interesting. Any integrations or api uses that create entities? Any caller I’d?

No caller ID.

For integrations the entity creation/update is handled via a stored procedure (so I don’t have to loop updating entity fields with the API) and the proc checks if the entity exists and based on that it inserts or updates.

In the case today, both entities were not created via any integration only within the desktop app.