Duplicate Orders Action does not merge line when print

Just notice when using Duplicate Order Action, duplicated order does not merge to old order when printing bill. If I DON’T use Duplicate Order Action, new order will merge with the old one on printing.

You dont have any tags which would cause it to be treated as a ‘variation’ order do you?

No, even it does have order tag. It should be identical when using this action.

Even ProductName.Portion, No order tag, still does not merge.

Can you show what your doing?

Hmm…Again default database work fine.
What would cause this? I can see only order state that would be different.

It is weird that order normal way it is fine but when using this action won’t merge.

Just status or other states?
Does it still print seperate if you close (new->submitted) reopen and print again?

Be sure your orders are not submitted.