Each Teminal Auto Login to Each Table?

Every Table have one terminal, customer order theirself…
so how to do teminal 1 auto creat table no.1 ticket, as so on…

Interesting question. Normally SambaPOS will not be suitable for customer use but I’ll try if something can be done with current features.

Normally table name assigned to a terminal can be stored as a program setting and when a new ticket created we can automatically select it by using Change Ticket Entity action.

Can explain Detail? Now i test to each user login to each tables, but can’t do that, see pic, what wrong?

1.add role

2.add user

3. add rule

That is not where you assign a B10 Table to a ticket… it would be Update Ticket Entity and you would need to define a system around that. Its much more involved that simply putting a name on a ticket.

The system your attempting to use is a pretty interesting concept… I would never use it… but I am interested to watch and see how this gets implemented.

I think use AutoHotKey to do this features…
User Login Event to do AHK script…
Right or not?

No you would not need AHK to do this. It should be possible within Samba. I am sorry I cannot give more details as I have not and currently do not want to attempt to build this. But you should be able to do it without third party script automation.