Editing Format for UK Postcode

Does anyone have suggestions of how to format a UK postcode?
Need to format letters to capital for a start.
Difficult part is the spacing, as can be for example GL56 0AW or ZE1 0TX… obviously the lengths will be an issue, is there a way to set multiple constrained formattings?
Also would need to set this formatting on the postcode query field?!? :confounded:

If there is no easy way can it be considered for V5 @emre?

Personally not worried about validation just formatting to ensure the postcode query works as seems to be case sensitive.
Could duplicate the list entries and remove the spaces and again for lowercase but will result in very long list.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Thanks @QMcKay but still not quite there, it gives me the < > for capitals which
Is helpful but issue is the varying length of UK postcodes and how to but the space in the middle

I’ve added Mask Custom field type for next version so we can use RegEx as editing mask like we do for action queries.

However for query fields we display data as it is formatted in csv file.

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But will we be able to set the mask for the query ‘search’ field?

A way to utilise PAF details more effectively would be nice, mentioned on the other postcode topic I’ve been reading.
Not sure how postcodes work in other countries but in UK postcode can cover many addresses even several streets.
Some form of drop down of addresses matching that postcode like you see on many website would be nice if posible :slight_smile:

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