Email Work Period Report

After following the instructions here provided by @pizzaeilat4:

I managed to get all the actions and rules working. So I can create a .txt file and successfully send the email. However the .txt file created does not make any sense:

I will be interested to know how this report should appear in a .txt file?

Can you post a screenshots of your settings?

Sure, here we go:

It was my fault I published a mistake in the previous publication
The problem is that the action that you are using is “Save Report to File” when You should use “Print Report”
Then you need to create demo printer to save the file Before sending it via e-mail.

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Thanks for your input. I have decided to not implement this feature for now.

It will help if you update your previous post with correct easy to follow instructions so anyone searching for this feature can implement it correctly.

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I think referencing this topic from here will be a good idea.

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