Embedding Browser Popup

Is there any way to embed the browser popup into an entity screen, so I can see where all current deliveries are positioned on Google Maps, as opposed to it actually being a popup? The idea is that the map will show all live tickets and where they are due to be delivered to. Can this be done? I’ve mocked up a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean.

Pretty sure you can, create a new entity screen, when on the new screen which will be blank, right click and select enter design mode, then right click and select add widget and select html

Once added, right click and you can set web address. Not sure if you can do want you want with it as ive never tried but you can def set an entity screen with an html widget as ive done that to view emails and have a web browser etc in samba without the need to minimise and use chrome etc

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Not tried this but sure I saw something similar a while back.
Pretty sure you would have to feed in address somehow using the URL in a format google maps can process as multiple pins.

Quick google search offers some possibilities;

Looks like you cant just use maps.google.com and will need to sign up for an API key and use static maps api page.

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This has been possible since v4. We have actions for interacting with the HTML widget. We also have scripting, invoke script, inject etc.

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