Employing Professional installers

This might be a random question, but are there any professional users of Samba that would be willing to connect to a computer externally, and set everything up for a fee?

Hello @njrobbe,

I changed this thread to show under Ads category this is where you can request professional help.

I hope you can find a solution to make you happy. While there is nothing stopping anyone from providing this sort of support for you, I would recommend you try to learn as much about SambaPOS4 as you can before you invest in something like this. There are a TON of resources and a brilliant community here to help you and all for free. Plus if you learn how it works you can support it yourself and support the vision of having a system truly customized for your business that runs how you want it to run.

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Thanks for the advice. The reason for the post was that I actually have so many questions that it might just get annoying for other users. I live in Cambodia, and there are several systems available, but none as configurable as Samba. This is not really my area of expertise and would like to implement Samba to its full potential hence why there would be so many questions. I have kind of fallen at the first hurdle of trying to connect more than one computer as I have no idea about SQL. For future, I want to also connect tablets for order taking and then also add multiple businesses.
This is currently my third POS system the previous 2 being quite expensive but there is always some sort of glitch. Also because I live in Cambodia, the support for a foreigner is pretty much non existent as communicating can be quite a problem. Any help offered would be great and I am sure that there are previous posts on this subject and will attempt to find these but if someone could point me in the right direction of connecting two computers this would be great.



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I can install those computers for you.

@royv546789 are you good with setting up printers and also cash drawers?

i am having trouble getting my printer to work properly and my cashdrawer will not kick open.

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I also can help.
Send me pm if you need

yes I can help you just send me a Pm