End of day Record

hellow, i will like to know if it is possible tu insert a new custom column next to current inventory, i will like to have a “Note” field form the admin to enter a note for that item, i will just be a plain text field.

Not possible. That screen can not be customized or changed in any way.

it would be very usefull to let the user leave a note :frowning:

is there no alternative ?? like a global message for the entire end of day and not to every item i dont know…some alternative.

Not with End of Day. You could create your own system.

please be a little more expecific “create my own system”? whats do you hace in mind.

I don’t have anything in mind I mean just that. You would need to decide what’s you want and with the tools available try to create something.

Most things are possible in Sambapos but you won’t always get a step by step.