End Work Period

any way that i could End my Work Period even i have pending transaction? please help me… my business needed to give a receipt to are costumer in advance even the transaction will end in the other day… the transaction will run almost 2-3 days… even we have some transaction good for one day only… please help me i need this sir thanks

@ralph Read this

can you give any tutorial or a screen shoot? on how to do it properly… if its ok sir… dont know how to do

Search is you friend.

In this tutorial pre-order tickets are used to record reservation orders. It also shows how to convert a pre-order ticket to a real ticket.

PS:No need to create multiple post for a single topic.

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how about we required our costumer for down payment in the reservation? and we need to give them a receipt… but this reservation system cant provide? any way that i can do sir to solve this matter? thanks you so much sir

Add them as customer then edit them and click create account. You can now fully settle the ticket using account payment option in settle screen

The balance will be added to the customers account, if the want to pay some of the balance then go into their account and add a payment into it, leaving the remainder to pay another time

This way you also dont need to bother with pre order ticket types

EDIT - or take the payment first of the ticket then put the remainder onto the customers account, so youll get a receipt with what they have actually paid with the rest showing as being put onto their account to settle later

Sounds like your looking for more of an ‘account’ type system.
Search for customer accounts, something like

Have a read and see if thats what your looking to setup.

it doesn’t work. i’m using 4.1.82 version. my reservation is wrong and i cant End my Work Period… when i make a transaction and i pot it into reservation it will not appear at the reservation and i cant end my work period… and about the down payment at reservation still in the big problem… please help

any good screen shoot for tutorial please? Thank you so much God Bless

To be blunt, if it doesn’t work you’ve missed something from the tutorial you based your setup on, whichever method you used ‘preorder’ or ‘account’.

either method will work on V4 if you have setup properly.

Are you trying to use preorder or account method?

you havent changed your ticket type to pre order, if you had the work period would close

we have a customer account and resevation but the reservation cant provide print bill or a receipt to the customer… how can we provide receipt for the reservation transaction? please we need this help us

You could just create a print ticket button mapped to ticket line then before closing the ticket press it to print the bill?

Have a read of this

any tutorial please? providing receipt for the reservation transaction…

yes sir i already know how to make a reservation. but the problem is how can i provide a receipt on the customer in reservation transaction w/ down payment?

*exp: my customer ordered food for the amount of 500 and they will get the item next week then they need to pay a down payment 200 and the remaining balance is 300 will paid next week when they get the item… so that i need to provide to my customer a receipt w/ a down payment for the reservation transaction…

please any complete tutorial for this problem please? thanks you so much sir God Bless

If your using a preorder ticket to carry orders over work periods can you not just print the bill?
It would show a payment…
500 order -> Sebtle-> 200 card -> Close would take you back to the ticket screen with the 500 order, 500 total but leave 300 balance… Print bill (if not set to automaticly print on payment received) will show the 500 order total, and a 200 payment.
Am I missing something…


I think you should rephrase that because that does not exist. What you should have said is: Can someone please write a specific tutorial specifically for what I asked on your own time for no pay?

I did not say that to be mean I just wanted to share a point that many people tend to forget and thats the simple fact that We are a community of business owners and we love to contribute time for this project but the only way it stays alive and really grows is when other people can help contribute and that starts with people doing homework and putting effort behind trying to figure out problems for their business needs.