Ending work period query

Set up the sending the reports to me via email on ending work period.

Testedit all, worked perfect. I was using the end work period button in the work periods tab on admin screen.

I have an automated work period ending system I built that checks for open tickets before closing, so when the work period is closed using automation the ‘ending work period’ constraint doesn’t seem to fire…

Is this normal? I understand I can fix it by using other constraints, but I just wanted to check there isn’t something untoward happening.


Why not just use virtual work periods and only close manually once a week?

Um, what…

Is this something I missed when I went off for a few months?

Program settings then maintenance. Set your open time. Only time you need to close work period is to do stock take. I recommend manual close once a week. It will auto start next morning too

Ok, and that will trigger the ending work period constraint in the rules?

Or will I have to sort that another way?

You don’t have to end it at all just once a week or never if you don’t use stock.

My point is, I need daily reports sent to me.

Would I have to set a trigger to create a report and send it to me instead?