Ending Workperiod with Open Tables

Hi guys,
Please I noticed that with the new version V5.5.0 you can end work period with open tables. Please is there a way I can disable this?
Cos i don’t want staff closing the day without closing all tables.
Please is there a way i can disable this?

Thats not default behavior, you must have some custom made automation to be able to do this.

I think the only way you can do that is is you are using the pre order action, may be worth checking that if you are and if any tickets are being marked as pre order when they shouldnt?

@akinsolawole It does not allow ending work period with open tickets. Can you email support@sambapos.com and let us look at it for you. Something may be configured wrong in your system.

I dont think something is wrong. this is because i noticed that since ip upgraded my clients from V5.3.6 to V5.5.0. All can end work period without closing all tables.

No it will not allow that… something is wrong with your database. Please email support. We can help you find what is wrong.

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